Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS)

About Us 

Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) is founded in 2009 by Mr. Sanjeev Sankhla (Ex Moto Bike National Champion ) with an objective to contribute towards animals, birds & human welfare. HSLS is an animal welfare organization which works to rescue and rehabilitates sick and needy animals / birds in the Pink City (Jaipur) Rajasthan. HSLS is Registered under the Indian Societies Act   Reg. No. 64/2008/2009

Our Engagements: 

  • Daily feeding  more than 200 stray cows / ox.
  • On call rescue operations for animals and birds.
  • Installation & monitoring of Water bowls / tanks.
  • Special awareness and rescue camps on Sankrat.
  • On site treatment of dogs ,cows etc.
  • Designing of special & innovative rescue equipments.

Our Objectives:

The objectives of Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) are:

  • To reach out to Government, Media, Corporate and Community to solicit their support to prevent colossal waste of human life on Indian roads as India holds the dubious distinction of highest road crash fatalities in the World.
  • To work as a pressure group to create political will and help improve road safety situation.
  • Sensitize masses by raising awareness about road traffic injuries, their grave consequences and thus build community involvement around the issue of Road Safety. 
  • Develop cost effective road safety programs to increase knowledge, awareness and skills amongst the Indian road users. 
  • To change the attitudes and behaviors of drivers by creating peoples movement for safe behavior. 
  • Promote a positive attitude towards enforcement laws and infuse sense of courtesy and concern among road users. 
  • Regularly monitor relevant local and international road statistics and developments in order to effect improvements.

Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) is actively working towards its mission through interventions and activities, both individually and with Government/Semi Government bodies support. Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) has been developing cost effective dynamic tools to enhance efficiency and deliverability of Road Safety within the existing legal framework.

How HSLS Works:

An emergency / rescue helpline phone no. 9928398888 is available for the people. The foundation operates 24 hours a day all year round as a free service. Whenever a phone call of an animal / bird in distress is received it is transferred to the nearest volunteer. He either treats animals on the spot or takes creature to the hospital cum shelter for further treatment and eventually release them at any safe area. 

Our Aims:

All animals are equal and have a right to life… Our another aim is a social one in the sense that we listen to elderly people, who are often alone and who wish to have at their side a little companion who is easy, friendly and who will pleasantly share part of the road with them.

Aim is to be Educational: We want a lot of things to change in the future, we need first of all to educate our children.

  • To educate our children to respect LIFE whatever form it takes!
  • Like the newborn animal, the child is pure and innocent! The child naturally goes towards the animal because he is one himself!
  • Does he not walk “on all fours” like the dog or cow of the house?
  • It is us, the grown-ups, who erect barriers between them!
  • Young children are naturally good and generous towards animals, if we only let them.