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  • Helpless Peoples Helpless Peoples
  • Animal Rescue Animal Rescue
  • Road Accident Road Accident
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  • Services

    • Ambulance
    • Onsite treatment of stray animals
    • Shelter
    • Medical camps in village
    • Food for stray cows etc.
    • Road safety awareness programme
  • Helpless Peoples

    Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) is working for the cause and care of older persons, war effected and nature's tragedy peoples with the ultimate aim of empowering them to take decisions pertaining to their own lives

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  • Animal Rescue

    Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) has been responding to emergencies and known as being the first and sometimes only organisation that will go to the heart of a disaster to save animals

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  • Road Accident

    Road traffic injuries are a major but neglected public health challenge that requires intensive efforts for effective and sustainable prevention.

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  • Donate For:

    • Ambulance for injured/sick animals & birds
    • Water tank installation for animals & birds
    • Stray Cows, Ox, Pigeon food
    • Shelter for animals & birds
    • Old age home
    • Rescue vehicle for animal, birds & human
    • Adopt Cow for a year: Rs.18,000

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Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS)

About Us 

Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) is founded in 2009 to contribute to animals & human welfare. We only subsist thanks to our members and to donations from people who love animals & human. We do have the benefit however of a team of workers which the state is putting at our disposal and for whom our financial contribution is minimal. We are lucky to have a group of faithful volunteers . We are a charity fighting for the rescue and defense of all animals & old age people against the abuses of vivisection and cruelty against animals. As the cost for feeding animals have become very high, we organize it from our friends and people how loves suffering lives..

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